o_mnie-smoleńA photography is the most secret world… I open its door, especially on tough moments. It brings me relief, helps to escape the reality – everyday rush, stress and problems. Photography brings me balance, teaches me how to trust Mother Nature, how to be patient – when you wait for the perfect moment and finally it strenghtens my love for nature and human being. Do you want to see my world? Feel invited.

“The camera for an artist is just another tool. It is no more mechanical than a violin if you analyze it. Beyond the rudiments, it is up to the artist to create art, not the camera.”
Brett Weston

My adveture with photography started when I was a teenager and I got my first Zenit camera from my dad. At those times that was really something: additional lens, lamps, film negatives… They all exuded magic and passion kept developing along with my successes – I was taking part in numerous local photographic contests, mainly on the subject of nature. Afterwards the situation made me change my life’s course but few years later my dormant love for photography has woken up again and just as well!

At the moment I take pictures using Canon and Sony cameras. I travel a lot and I perceive even more. I regret that anything that is visible with the naked eye cannot be recorded immediatelly. Sometimes the moment is such transitory, that taking out the camera stretches into infinity. Photography still is my passion that I devote every free moment. It gives me self-fulfilment and pleasure, when I find myself in the right place at the right time.

Lately I got charmed by the infant’s, baby’s and child’s photography. Children have natural joie de vivre that is not spoiled yet. Their emotions are as plain as a pikestaff. My main goal is to shoot pictures in such a way that they can remain in memory for a long time. Sessions are time-consuming, like in a slow motion.

There is time for hugging, feeding and changing. Everything that is done just to make the little model feel as comfortable as possible. Such sessions need a lot of patience, just as the nature photography. They are unpredictable as well, because we never know if the toddler will be sleeping and if we will have to set ourselves to a FLEXIBILITY mode and adapt to his or hers rhythm of the day. This is all the beauty of the child’s photography – unpredictability and emotions. It is amazing to read from the face of a little human being who is the pride and joy of his parents. This is the way I want to present the children’s photography – as a neverending happiness…